Our Mission

When you suddenly have the mood to dance party and you have company you cannot be searching high and low for jazz bands to come and play! So, here we are at your service. We need to be given thirty minutes prior notice from the exact time that you will need the players. We will give you a list of the local bands in your area and you can hook up with them either directly or using the gate method through our app.

Three preferences:

Based on the scale of the event, the budget and the proximity to the venue you will be given three preferences and you will need to take a call on it. The faster you decide the faster the band can be commissioned for you and it can be on its way already.

The conveyance will have to be paid by you:

While the band will be locally sourced, in the event that there is no band available within the radius of two and odd kilometers, we can also arrange for a dance band to make to to your venue from out of the area. The conveyance charges will be however borne by you and also the time limit will be upped.

You agree to honor the agreement:

We have started charging fifty percent as down payment. It pains us that when we charged no payment, the customers would book a band and not turn-up at the venue. So, we decided to charge fifty percent as down payment and the advance can be adjusted in the main bill after the dance concert or the party is over.

Quality conscious:

We are particularly sensitive to quality issues. If there is anything wanting in our service or the band in its playing, we will refund the money back to you provided it is proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the quality deficiency was from our side.