Here are some fascinating facts about music

Music has that rare quality to speak even to the tongue-less. There have been great instances when music has bridged barriers and also helped cope with pains so big that people would have been dead of trauma if it was not for the soulful music that gave them consolation.

Funeral services always have soul stirring music:

You must have wondered sometimes why funeral services have live jazz bands. Because it is most definitely not the time to have music around because you are also bereaving the person’s mortal end and death is by no means a mean thing!

Every occasion warrants music:

That is my friend precisely the reason why jazz players sit and create soulful music. So that people who are closest to the person who passed away get solace from it. They are able to cope with the pangs of separation and not lose hope or get depressed at the sight of the departed soul. The entire funeral procession may also have a jazz band playing and also at the waking after that. Nothing can help a broken bruised soul more than music.

So, be it a child’s baptism, the betrothal, or walking down the aisle, music is one inseparable part of all our lives . We look for music in the rain, in the laughter of a small child; music is just everywhere and we are always surrounded it in one form or the other.

The music and our psyche:

It is said that we grow up in the humans that we are only because of the music that we hear in our formative years. It is not a mere coincidence that generally the offspring’s of the musicians are also steeped into music. There is no disconnect but the fact is that music by itself has that pristine quality to endear people towards it. the people who are also normally not in to studying music or appreciating it will be seen drawn towards listening it if they have a chance ever.

What kind of music we hear also shapes our perception about others:

The relationship goals:

A fair amount of research in this direction has proved that when individuals meet towards the end of making or singing songs, their relationship becomes stronger each passing day. There are examples of few musicians who have tuck to the bands that they first debuted and also couples who have stuck to each other because they made and sang together!
Medical science uses music as therapy:

Research institutes and trauma care wards generally have soft soothing music playing in the background especially in the waiting area where the distraught relatives of an accident or trauma patient are waiting to hear for m the doctors operating inside.

Listening music?

The music is especially there to calm down their nerves and it definitely does work! Doctors also prescribe music therapy to patients who are overtly anxious in nature or those that have blood pressure conditions and it has been documented to have extremely positive results.

Sad music is believed to be the most enjoyable genre of music because it evokes a lot of feeling in the people. The feeling can be both positive and negative. Sometimes, when you are down and depressed you will notice that a sad song can immediately lift up your spirits and this is because you feel that the singer also feels your soul!

Dance Music

And sometimes, while listening to such songs in a happy mood can set you thinking about the plight of people who are themselves at crossroads and then you want to be thankful to god that you are in a much better and comfortable position than them,

How do you like dance music:

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